Bright Star

Bright Star

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Liner Notes: 

Labeled as a semi-improv as I improvised individual tracks to the skirmish prompt title.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Interesting, don't ask me why but i was waiting for all the clocks to start going off! Nice enjoyable skirmish.

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It's like being inside a kaleidoscope. I feel it turning and slowly moving like clouds across the sky.

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This pulsates and vibrates with an engaging intensity that captures and holds my interest.

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oh my! I love the midi choices! whispery vocals just blend it all up so nicely!
what an enjoyable listen! great stuff!

Immediately transported on a little shuttle pod to the cosmos.
Love the low wubby flutter panned to the right, with the bright (star) synth panned to the left.
What you fill the middle with is highly important (just in my opinion) when you hard pan stuff, and you've made excellent choices for that space (
Floaty, spacey, airy, and somehow cozy.
I like your approach, and this definitely puts the listener somewhere else off-planet.

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Very cool take on the prompt Andy. You have a unique way of finding the sounds and creating songs.

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Oh wow - this feels like it could be like the theme to a science fiction series. Definitely capturing the celestial/astronomical feel of the star concept here! Very nicely done.

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Coolparadiso, got the very same vibe, wish it was dark outside not morning to listen to this!!

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Nicely done improve, very early Pink Floyd-ish, love the panning in my headphones.

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Yeah, I also got a Floyd vibe from this sweet tune! Very pleasant and relaxing! Nice take on the skirmish prompt!!

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Very atmospheric. Makes me think of the star radiating and telling us who they are.

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This is trippy and dreamy. I'm so used to associating bell tones with stars, and there are some chimes here and there, but I like that you've got that buzzy synth as the main melodic timbre. It's unexpected and interesting.