Bright Star Academy

Bright Star Academy

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Liner Notes: 

When I saw that it was bright star I knew I had to write about the school in Uganda that was lost in terrible floods. We have made a video and Gofundme
page and it's ready to launch soon, to see if we can raise some money for it.


Bright Star Academy
© 2020 Cindy Prince

The floods came and washed away
The Bright Star Academy in Uganda
They cannot rebuild
Not until
There is enough money to fund it

The school buildings weren't good
Made of the cheapest wood
And water came up to the roofs
If you look in the children's eyes
You won't wonder why
Their smiles are the all the proof

The children are hungry
Both for knowledge and food
If I can help create one good
I will gladly do it

The land cannot be built upon now
Flooding happens to often
But with a helping hand
They now have the land
I pray they won't be forgotten

Repeat chorus

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Great when a skirmish plays to something important to you. Well said! Nice skirmish.

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Yes, that's a very meaningful lyric there. "The children are hungry/Both for knowledge and food" is a powerful line. You draw attention to an important topic. Good write.

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Fantastic take on the prompt and wonderful way to portray a devastating event. It is heart wrenching but your lyric also speaks of hope.

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heart wrenching and hopeful, and amidst all the other chaos, not something that really got talked about and really a sad deal! I assume you're talking about the floods that happened early this Spring, April/May? I think? A lot of the local schools here chipped in a chunk of their budget to send their way(being no strangers to tornado disasters) if we're talking about the same place, I'd have to look, but anyway hahah great write! I especially love that bridge too, pretty powerful stuff!

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Yes the floods in May. They found some land now but we still have a long way to go

I admire those who can write about disasters and difficult issues. I struggle there.
Your message and what you feel are clear. Its well communicated with a compact and direct lyric, no fluff or filler.

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Touching, for all the things in the world and how we are able to share a story such as this, great work!

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This feels like part of a great tradition of folk songs recounting big events and disasters - it's always been such an important way of processing and telling those stories. Great work.

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Excellent writing Cindy, so cool that the prompt had a deeply personal and immediate meaning for you.

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Great take on this prompt - what a sad story!

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Nice lyrics Cindy! And I am glad you are writing to help these kids and their school! I hope you get a lot of help! And thanks for educating us on this issue as I had never heard of this school before. You did really great with the prompt!

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You remind us that while there are terrible things going on in our own lives, others are suffering too, and perhaps even more than we.