Twinkle verse2

Twinkle verse2

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Liner Notes: 

fawm tune from early this year(feels like years ago, right?) I'd been meaning to write another verse or so for, so again thanks for the skirmish! who knows when/if I'd of gotten to it
will probably redo the whole thing later when it's not over 100 degrees in my "studio" Wink


When you wish upon a star it
Makes no difference who you are
What you're worth
Or what you've done
We're all in this together
Shouldn't we have some fun

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Lovely timely short sentiment and beautifully delivered. I love the gentle approach and the instrument layers that sparkle.

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Love the variation on the classic lyric, and the acoustic guitar and synth made a nice blend.

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A simple message...we're here let's have some fun! So true but so easy to get bogged down in craziness. The music is very pretty...a gentle melody and soft vocal. Good stuff!

Love the synth bits; the melody played paired with the theme and lyrics, played on top of the guitar, it hits just right.
This is a track that I could listen to for much longer.
The guitar chords/strumming/whatever its properly called work, too. Good feel to it that lets the listener be at ease and melt into the music.
This one deserves your attention to expand upon, in my opinion.

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Dang I like this, guitar and buried synth and all, and want to hear more!

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Nice twist on a classic theme - really loving the guitar and the synth, and the percussion (on the guitar, I'm guessing?) lifts it up. Very mellow!

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Really lovely vibe from this music! Nicely done on the verse lyric! Enjoyed my listen!

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Really nice! I agree that this is worth expanding - if you want to Smile

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Lovely calming guitar work here.
Really nice lyrics for sure.
The synth adds a lot of depth to this track.
Nicely done!