No final letters of love

No final letters of love

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Liner Notes: 

This song is looking about the eternal nature of love and life, and understanding this is the greater wish for your children. Roles have their value and their vices, yet unconditional love speaks loudest.


No final letters of love

I never ever thought I should be pardoned,
But somehow you’ve opened my inner eye.
If I have wishes for you they would be so much farther,
Than the deepest and brightest Summer night sky

The hair on your head is softer and so much finer,
Than the subtle thoughts that bubble and quickly gone.
I hope you believe as I do as the years roll on faster,
There’s never final letters of love,
No there’s never final letters of love.

The World spins around in circles for its own reasons,
And the octaves can tell you more than Heavens above.
Watching the birds flying from season to season,
I realise there’s no final letters of love,
I realise there’s no final letters of love.

Like a baby asleep with its soft gentle breathing,
We see ourselves as more than what we have done.
So I say once again and I hope now, you’re believing,
There is no final letters of love,
No final letters of love.

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The rhythm guitar lays a nice bed. The lyrics are good and the delivery supports them well, especially that guitar flourish.

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You've created some damn pretty music that still works as a solid foundation for the lyric/melody. This is pretty without being cheesy or too sugary.