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ambient post-rock

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Random Jam #1 — "Aleph"

Liner Notes: 

Hi! I don't even remember the last time I 50/90'ed.

I'm gonna try to pump out some a few more jams before the end of the month. Maybe weekly?

I'm guitar player, but for some reason about 6 months ago I started getting obsessed with synths. I never even owned a MIDI controller until 5 months ago. After a lot of research and forum lurking, I've been slowly acquiring used hardware on Reverb, and I'm going to try to start doing "live-looped" instrumental jams like this.

This one started from the patch on the small generative modular synth (silver) in the key of A major. The next night, I started composing drum, bass, and guitar parts around it. It took about 10 tries before I got a take I was happy with. It was recorded live onto a multi-track recorder and then mixed in the computer (and synced with the video) a few days later. I've been wanting to try DAW-less recording, to get my head out of a screen, and to have knobs to turn, which is always... hence all the hardware. So my cassette 4-track and H6 recorder (which I used here) are likely to see some more love.

Click through to the YouTube page itself for more detailed patch notes about how all the instruments are strung together....

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That was fun to watch! And sounds playful but also kinda wistful to me. Nice twinkly sounds you're getting from the synth.