Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees

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Liner Notes: 

I was delighted when Nadia reached out to me for another collaboration, this time featuring lyrics by the lovely Liz! Thank you both for your beautiful work, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this!

For this one, Liz wrote the lyrics, Nadia composed the music, which she sent me along with a vocal guide, then I refined the vocal melody from the guide and sang.

You can find the original lyrics-only upload here:


cherry trees

we walked through
full green trees
now dotted
in red

we sang some
old love songs
that waltzed in
our heads

we felt the
warm bright sun
and that’s when
you said

will you marry me
by the cherry trees
next spring when
their flowers bloom?

will you marry me
by the cherry trees
I said yes
in the afternoon

they skipped through
rows of trees
with cherries
ripe red

they ate fruit
hand picked from
trees taller then
their heads

they climbed and
played all day
and when tired
they said

will you carry me
by the cherry trees
I can’t walk

will you carry me
by the cherry trees
we said yes
to children we adored

we looked at
bare fall trees
now without
the red

from windows
of the car
memories filled
our heads

from years of
weddings and
picnics so
I said

will you bury me
by the cherry trees
when it’s time
for me to go?

will you bury me
by the cherry trees
it’s the most
special place I know

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I so loved the lyrics and now with you and Nadia it's heaven! Lovely beyond belief!

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Very pretty collaboration - cola's voice totally sells Liz' lyric and Nadia's piano work is on point. Great work all of you!

billwhite51's picture

the rhythms and la las suggest leonard cohens euro pop. and the melodies and lyrics a cross between english balladry and early 20th century tin pan alley. quite an enjoyable cross pollination of styles and influences that comes across all of one piece with the unmistakable claassiness of nadias piano presiding.

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Oh, boy--I get to hear you collaborate two days in a row! You guys are SUCH a perfect combination.

Love cola's vocals (those harmonies are to die for), Nadia has outdone herself with this melody, and Liz...the lyrics are great, great, great.

You guys need to do an album!!

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Such a sweet song! I love that three of you played a part. Wonderful!

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Liz, they're lovely life lyrics. Nadia, you've set it so brightly but deeply too, and Cola, what a lovely presentation. And harmonies.

tjeff's picture

Lovely performance by all, beautiful vocals, I especially love the harmonies and the sweet vocal vibrato. The music is reminiscent of an Eastern European folk song and is gorgeous. The was the lyric progresses in time is very nice.

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I like the lyric, especially the chorus. And the piano accompaniment is stellar. It has a lot of motion in it but still supports the lyric and melody very well. And this vocal is very well done.