Who's Gonna Keep the Lights on When We're Gone?

Who's Gonna Keep the Lights on When We're Gone?

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Liner Notes: 

Had an idea for a story. Kinda seems like it would be a story in the Watchman universe. Current crop of Trump evangelicals move into a traditionally African American Baptist church after it was sold. What would happen? Maybe this.


Another Sunday, another sermon
Another so called lesson that I should be learning
Assuming from the smiles I’m guess it was great
From the little that I heard when I was awake

Hell this hell that if your sinnin’
So you better watch the way that you’re grinnin’
Gotta be honest I’m not here for the psalms
I’m only here because of my moms

Something happens every 4 years
We hop aboard the political train
He tells us things that he truly believes
If the liberals grab the world by the reins

Abortions in liquor stores from all the fornication
Chaos and violence all across our beloved nation
Blatant exaggerations that will never come true
But the church is on fire and it’s coming for you

Something that I noticed this time around
After the man stopped sweatin’ and going to town
Half of the church was ready to riot
And the other side, was still sitting down

This used to be a proud Baptist church
Led by a man who preached about faith and love
But the after the pastor died it was sold for pennies
And off came the gloves

The side that was ready to riot was front and center
Elders all moved to the back
They smiled and nodded out of general respect
But deep down they were done with act

After the chorus did their Sunday best
The pastor finally got his turn
He said the people out streets hear me
There’s a lesson you gotta learn

He said I don’t see no skin color
We’re all children of god
I saw the people in the back shift in their seats
And look at him kinda odd

He said all lives matter as the back started to chatter
and you can’t tell me other wise
and if anyone told you differently that’s the devil
well their selling you a bunch of lies

the preacher said everything will be fine
as long as we all walk that blue line
I muffled sigh disbelief
as I see him give a wink to the chief of police

The elder taps his cane hard against the pew
He said Young man I see the devil in you
You can keep your passing plate you’ll never see a cent more
Then like Exodus all the kings and queens walked out the front door

We’ve been screaming we can’t breathe
What if we decided to leave?
How you gonna keep the lights on when we’re gone?

When there’s chaos all around
Because our blood stains the ground
How you gonna keep the lights on when we’re gone?

For years held our tongue
And every day we lose our young
How you gonna keep the lights on when we’re gone?

Until the day the violence cease
We’ll be screaming no justice no peace
How you gonna keep the lights on when we’re gone?

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rock and roll rap is the perfect vehucle for protes lyrics like these, outside of body count, i havent heard anything remotely like this. some terrific writing here, enlivened by the intense delivery and the guitar-heavy aarrangement..

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Well-told story and pointed truth, and it rocks! One of the best things I've heard this 50/90.

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Awesome guitar riffs and a great story! Wow!

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Great from the first riff. The lyrics are very descriptive with a strong message. This is a bit different and very good.