Bjork and Kirk in Outer Space

Bjork and Kirk in Outer Space

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This all grew from a comment that @wobbie wobbit made in one of my Twitch live stream shows a couple of weeks ago. "Bjork" and "Kirk" rhyme; @ryako let slip that she does a (phenomenally good) Bjork impersonation and it all went South from there.

This was huge fun to do; Mel did all the hard work, I just channeled my inner Shatner at regular intervals.


When it is night I can look at the stars In the sky
And wonder how many spaceships are passing me by
Above Earth

I dream of beautiful plants in outer space
Thinking of alien creatures, a different race
than me

Oh to be somewhere exploring the Galaxy
Oh what a marvellous adventure I would be
Space is a wonderful place made for you and me

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Oh wow ... Mel's Bjork really is excellent. Love it.

The spoken bits around the 2-3 min mark are hilarious.

This is brilliantly put together - thanks for channelling some insanity into wobbie's suggestion.

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This is awesomely, brilliantly, gobsmackingly, wonderful!
"I think he's been drinking..." had me spraying tonic water all over myself! Biggrin
You two are dangerous to know! Wink

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Are you guys kidding me?! This is brilliant as a concept and even better in its execution. It's funny, but it's also lovely as a song. Just great, start to finish

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Absolutely magic! A wonderful takeoff and beyond orbit! Are you sure you both haven't relocated to Melbourne? And ignoring the wonders of the bjorkling and Kirk hearing pianos...the backing is superb! Concept is amazing. Implementation is just...beyond applause. "that other guy..."
Can't you both develop this into a cabaret musical? 30 minutes? (Poor Spock)

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Oh, that Bjorkish twee, those Kirkish off-kilter pauses, the perfect piano waltz and space synths. Great concept; spot-on, hilarious execution!

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Oh man, this is great.
Lovely perfect Bjork vocals here.
Although it's not really Kirk unless he tries to make out with the alien swan hybrid.
Really great backing track for sure.
So weird.
This is the kind of thing that makes me love 50/90.

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hahah you know Kirk had to be beaten away with a stick? as soon as the recording stopped.

this is really great! that is an absolutely spot-on Bjork! Pretty great Kirk channeling too!
Great duet at the end! I assume it was the other guy always standing in the background playing those wonderful keys?
perfect music for this too
amazing collab you two!

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Deliciously weird--as it should be! This had me giggling the whole way through.

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Great. Brought the fun factor to 50/90 2020. I echo the comments above. Really well done.

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Just plain wonderful! The Björk impersonation is spot on, Kirk is also delicious and the tune itself awsome.
Sidenote: I love the Michael Kamen soundtrack to Brazil that combines spoken passages of the film with the music. Somehow I get a similar enjoyment from this

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Forget the happy dance track. This is your happy track

I think this is my favorite of all heard in 5090 this year.

-- What came to my mind and was "hoping for" Wink hahh, he breaks into "the hills are alive with the sound of music", Smile hahahahaaha... Well, funny to me for some reason. Well, maybe next voyage, hallucination!

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Oh my God. Oh my God. I can't even. This is so brilliant. The Bjork impression is incredible, and @headfirstonly's Kirk had me in tears. I am so happy that this exists in the world.

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Oh my goodness, this is brilliant! Wonderful lyric, compelling, quirky music, and I'm thrilled to hear the voice of the glorious Riyako in one of her many guises. Smile

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They say the line is thinly drawn between madness and genius. The concept is madness, and the execution is genius. This is the stuff internet phenomena are made of.