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Liner Notes: 

A week ago todays Song Skirmish FB group (which one a week has a writing) prompt 'Closure'. I picked it and had not written to it yet. After five days of not writing I felt like I needed to just record an improvisation and accept what happens.


remove chords
Guitar tuned down a fourth

Repeat .............. in verses
With instrumental interludes

Closure its a state of mind
Sometimes its bitter sometimes its kind
Closure something to gain
Through the sunshine and the rain

Closure not what we always get
Closure following regret
Closure at the end of the day
Closure when I forget what to say


Closure is an illusion in my mind
Closure is a trick of time
Closure is like an ocean wave
Closure not something I can save

Instrumental .. ..

Closure maybe I’ll seek it
Can join it but I certainly can’t beat it

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That's a closing couplet about closure! The vacillating chords work well leading up to it too.

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i like the parodox of the music never resolving in a song that is a meditation on closure.

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I like the use of repetition of "Closure" that is really effective. The performance has a nice, raw honest feel to it. Really nice job with the prompt!