First we get COVID…

First we get COVID…

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Liner Notes: 

I know I keep saying that working has gotten in the way of my music making, but today I sort of got a little crazy at work (probably inhaling too much disinfectant as I have been constantly cleaning things at work all week. I was joking with some of the patrons that I'm no longer a Lifeguard, but that I've become a Janitor who might pull someone out of the water if they get into trouble). I started parodying a few verses of Leonard Cohen's "First We'll Take Manhattan" & then decided to do a full on parody. Again, in a haze of disinfectant, these words stumbled upon the page (well, word processor screen…).

Big props to the late, great Leonard Cohen for his golden voice, amazing poetry & sublime music. R.I.P.

Honestly, I do have a few songs in the works that I want to finish up this weekend (including a collab). I promise I'll get back to them over the long weekend (Monday's a holiday up here in Soviet Canukastan).

See You In The Shadows…


They sentenced me to fourteen days of boredom
For travelling to the Caribbean
I’m coughing now, I’m coughing now, and it angers them
First it took Wuhan, now it’ll take Berlin

I’m guided by the doctors on the TV
I’m guided by the temperature of my skin
I’m guided by the folly of our politicians
First it took Wuhan, now it’ll take Berlin

I really like to sit beside you, baby
I love your body and your spirit and your soul
But we have to stay six feet apart at the station
I told you, I told, told you
Don’t get too close

Ah, you loved me before COVID
But now you can only see me through the din
You know the way to talk to me, but you don’t have Zoom built in
How many nights I prayed for this, to let you in
First it took Wuhan, now it’ll take Berlin

I don’t like this COVID business mister
I don’t like this facemask on my skin
I don’t like not seeing my sister
First it took Wuhan, now it’ll take Berlin

And I thank you for those items that you sent me (ha ha ha ha)
The Lysol and the contamination bin
I’ve cleaned every day, now I’m ready
First it took Wuhan, now it’ll take Berlin

Ah, remember me, I used to live for music (baby)
Remember me, I brought your groceries in (ooh baby yeah)
Well it’s Father’s Day and everybody’s isolated (baby)
First it took Wuhan, now it’ll take Berlin

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From Cohen/Jennifer Warne's Famous Blue Facemask album, eh?

Nicely done. Was singing along with it in my head as I read it.

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hallelujah this will make me dance to the end of love! nice one

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Oh I can hear the Casio chords cranking out in my head. Splendid!

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excellent parody. i felt like i was a kid reading MAD magazine again/

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This is great!......not saying you should be sniffing more fumes Biggrin , but not saying you shouldn't not be either! hahah
I can unfortunately relate, I usually work with a lot of sealants/cleaners/etc that are plenty fumey no matter what you're wearing, unless a sealed hazmat suit, It usually creeps up on you and don't realize how loopy you've gotten until later Wink

Does look like its time for you to break out your radio shack keyboard again Smile

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Very, very clever and creative. A really enjoyable read. Leonard himself would love this, I'm sure. Smile

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Nice lyrics, I don't know the song you referenced for this, but for some reason I could see this in a Back in the USSr type song and all poppy and having fun with it.