The Mule Lip

The Mule Lip

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Liner Notes: 

When I lived in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in my early 20's, I frequented a place called The Mule Lip. Have a lot of good memories from there.


The Mule Lip
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Back in the early 80's
For one hell of a time
The Mule Lip was the place to be

Dancing until I was sweaty
And back in my prime
I was a true devotee

The Mule Lip was the place
It brought a smile to my face
A pink Cadillac on the wall
I'd be there by nightfall
Back in 81, 82, 83
That's where you'd find me

One band really rocked
Got everyone on the floor
No one could stay sittin' down

The best band played it well
Music to do the twist
The early years of rock and roll
I could never resist

Too loud for any talk
Great music I couldn't ignore
The happeningin' place in town

Repeat chorus

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I can feel the energy of the scene in your words. I like the specificity of the gar name, and the pink Cadillac on the wall. I'd like it if you'd name or describe more the one band that really rocked.

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Hah - drawn in by the title. You have created a sense of place with the words though.