Satan's got a brand new bag

Satan's got a brand new bag

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So I was looking at something about James Brown online, and saw there's a song 'Santa's got a brand new bag', which i guess was his x-mas crossover song using the 'papa's got a brand new bag' groove, perhaps?

thinking about the upcoming US election, and especially the events of the past few weeks, its hard for many of us to see any redeemable qualities in a certain occupant of the white house who wants a second term. I thought up the title line and the rest kind of wrote itself. there's so much to choose from, right?

This is not safe for work, but hopefully, for those interested, an entertaining listen

recorded, quick, on the iPhone,


Satan’s got a brand new bag
wrapped up in a cross and a flag
Satan’s using all his tricks
Let’s face it Satan is a total dick
He’s worse then any virus or germ
Satan’s running for a second term
Satan’s got a brand new bag

Satan likes to make a big splash
all he really cares about is cash
Staying out of jail’s another goal
Satan is a first class asshole
The moral fiber of a worm
Satan’s running for a second term
Satan’s got a brand new bag

He’s gonna make everything great
Just like that climbing death rate
Not midas but the opposite
One touch he turns it all to shit
It’s a wonder we don’t crash and burn
Satan’s running for a second term
Satan’s got a brand new bag

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Ha ha, love it. Funky groove and a great message.

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Thanks for the laughter medicine. I even heard some JB swagger creep into your voice there. Smile

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Cool tune! I just wrote a song about Satan, tonight.

Yeah, not a second term. Satan wants to be the Evil Prince for life. You know that. Screw Ivanka and Don Jr., he wants it all for the rest of his life.

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Ooh this is deliciously spot on! Dig that guitar and spitting viper delivery!