Mystic Hour

Mystic Hour

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Liner Notes: 

Alright! So I was really happy with me and Cola's first collab song "Days Of Fire" so I wanted to do another where we sing together instead of switching off. I was coming up with something when suddenly I played something on guitar and then a melody appeared. I quickly recorded the idea with my scratch lyrics being "In the mystic hour, I hear you call my name now" which I thought was gibberish but it ended up working well. Cola then wrote the lyrics and tweaked my melody a bit. She did an awesome job with that and her vocals!

This is different for me and that's good, I wanted to make a more chill album. I'm quite happy with how this song turned out, I don't know if I should of sang lower but it didn't sound very natural to me to do that. I haven't done a duet like this per say so this was new to me.

I recorded my vocals in the washroom oddly enough. I was warming up by singing along in the shower and I was like "Hey". Somehow I was able to project my voice better so I will have to do that when I have the chance more in the future. I don't like recording acoustics because of how difficult it is but I think it turned out decent enough on here.


Written By: Cola

In the mystic hour
I hear you call my name out
Under a sky of amber
How you smile erases all doubt

In your eyes, it’s shining
Hope for a life we dreamed of
The future’s so bright, it’s blinding

I’ll treasure every evening with you
Words can’t express this feeling

In the mystic hour
I hear you hum a song
Crowned with wildflowers
I can’t help but whistle along

On my skin, it’s glowing
Memory as warm as sunlight
Joy from the past is showing

I’ll treasure every evening with you
Words can’t express this feeling

I’m right by your side, you see
You’ll never need to look for me
It’s where
I’ll always be

In the mystic hour
Somehow the sun has frozen
Our pinkies are crossed together
Promising we’ll save this moment

In our hearts, it’s beaming
Peace in the days we share now
This time, we’re not just dreaming

I’ll treasure every evening with you
Words can’t express this feeling

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This is GREAT. Your voices work so well together and the music feels so HAPPY.

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voices are so appealing , both solo and together. love those energy-charged melodies. some cool guitar playng as well. sounds like nothing ive heard before.

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You've got a nice retro feel going on here. The lively music is a perfect match for the chirpy vocals not to mention the upbeat message in the lyrics. Guitars sound great and Mystic Hour has put a smile on my face.

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That opening riff reminds me of Wheat Kings by the Hip. Wow, what a great duet. Your voices work so well together. This is such a wonderful song. I really like that you trade off verses & come together for the chorus. Also the bridge section - where you trade off lines - is very effective. One of my favourite songs this 50-90, I think. Great job both of you!

See You In The Shadows…

The arrangement is excellent. Backing music is so well mixed and played, with different sections that are not what I expected next.
It stays interesting musically.
Vocally, you two sound great as a duet. The vocal melodies are interesting throughout, and has that sing-along feel to them; accessible but engaging.
Uplifting lyrics. When they are sang this way ("chirpy" as bunter said), it gives them even more...i dunno....light, is the word I think I want to use. That's what this song feels like - like a light, both in illumination and weight.

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Pretty melodies and guitar picking.The unison vocals are a very cool touch, and it's awesome when they turn into harmonies. Really feel-good, magical lyrics.

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Yes - this is an excellent collaboration! The pairing of vocals here is beautiful. This has a Lindsey Buckingham vibe working and I love it. Lyrically pleasing, musically engaging; it all works so well. Love this!

What a sweet song! Beautiful harmony work from both of you, and the backing has just the right, light and delicate touch to let both voices shine. Feeling nicely chilled and happy after listening to this. Smile

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Nice to have you back! This is lovely and unexpectedly mellow. The blend of the two voices is beautiful, and the acoustic guitar sounds great. I like the sparse percussion and lead guitar. Overall mood of contentment is bright and lovely, and I love "our pinkies are crossed together."

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Wow! I really love everything about this! I love the percussion elements. The lyrics are so full love and joy. The melody is absolutely lovely and your vocals together and separate are phenomenal. Fantastic song!!!!!

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Beautiful guitar intro and good guitar work throughout.. Your voices sound wonderful together, the unison stuff is cool as are the harmonies. I like the little walk down, adds some nice contrast.