Select Your Alter Ego

Select Your Alter Ego

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Select Your Alter Ego

Liner Notes: 

This was created on Mixcraft 8 using the Alter/Ego plugin. The piece consists of the three variants of the "Bones" voice (Basic, Diva and Choir) singing the default input text, which is "Select your Alter Ego".
The piece is in 7/4 time, because the phrase is seven syllables long.


Select your Alter Ego.

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Fellow Friend of Bones!
This is quite well done, using only Bones and nothing else. The decision to do an acapella pays off because of how you've played the vst. Excellent vocal lead lines and backing harmony. The rhythm works here, too for me.

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Oh my, like a far future community of robots trying to replicate ancient human choir music.
This is oddly lovely.
And the different time signature is a bonus!
The repetition of that phrase is strangely affecting.
Oh yeah, so great!