The Bomb

The Bomb

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Liner Notes: 

So I've found that since I'm back at work my creativity has stalled. I think I'm just too tired when I get home from work to do any meaningful music creation. I guess I'm still adjusting to the 40 hour work week after being off since April. Oh well, I'm not the only one Biggrin

During a quiet moment at work on Monday I wrote these lyrics without any sort of tune in my head. So if someone would like to take them & add music, go right ahead. I had left them sitting in my mailbox at work all week & just brought them home tonight - figuring I should post at least something this week. So, it's not much. But at least it's still something new.

If anybody wants to take this & put music to it, be my guest Smile

See You In The Shadows…


The Bomb

Lock step & delay
No one has anything
Good to say
Intimidate & decry
See if we will
Get out alive

- Chorus -

Fascism disguised as
Patriotic aplomb
I'm just waiting for
Someone to drop the bomb

Stand up & defy
The system's rigged
Still we must try
Call out & demand
On my honour I
Make a stand

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Weirdly, I feel that this could swing, with a quietly defiant swagger. I'm sitting here in Portland OR trying to figure out why some guy from Idaho would want to drive here, Trump flags flying, and intimidate BLM protesters, hitting them with mace, pepper balls, and paint balls. (Seriously, I was just rereading some of the coverage of the recent events). I always hesitate to use the word fascism. I try to be charitable, though it's hard at times. I really like the rhythm of the verses, the way the words tumble out. Fascism disguised as patriotic aplomb does seem to be a pithy description of some of what we're seeing these days, when armed people feel that they have the right to decide who belongs...(I could complete that sentence...but...).

I saw your Forum post just now.

To me, *either "Side" could sing this and why it could work. I've been told, "dude, I can't tell what side you're on, love your work but can't say so until more clear about sides..." or similar words.

I could musicate it, but, you'd have to be happy with a person for which you can't tell what side their on. Smile Some say, if you simply don't just agree, -- you are the enemy. To that I say, -- sure, to any Facist Totalitarianism krappolla anyone would spew disguised in any color dress.

When I read, or hear I get a "hit" musically, but then forget it... so, let me know and if have not forgotten... Smile hahhh! So "usefull" aye!

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Nice writing, I just heard a version with music, this could also be expanded into a longer piece as well with the themes you have.