Last Conversation

Last Conversation

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy...I decided to write about a picture I saw of someone looking in the window at their loved one dying, and not being able to be with them because of this virus.

Bill.. I knew I had to sig this before i finished readng the frst verse


didn't know it would be the last one
I didn't realize I'd never again hear your voice
Soon after this virus attacked you
I know that this would have never been my choice

I didn't know how fast it would take you
I didn't realize you'd die all alone
I couldn't imagine how quick it all was
Things would be different if only I'd known

Running through my mind over and over
I keep recalling our last conversation
I'm not even sure if I told you I loved you
Now you are dying in complete isolation
Taking your last breath in complete isolation

The pain is raw
I never saw this coming

I didn't know that I'd never again touch you
I didn't realize it your life would be over
My heart is broken into tiny pieces
Don't see how I'll ever recover

Repeat chorus

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Wow, you made this tug on my heart! Very touching and raw too. Simply a wonderful job!

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My mother is in an "old folks home" and we 4 kids are painfully aware that if she was to pass from Covid (or anything else, for that matter--she's 91) we wouldn't even be able to go to the funeral. She was just in the hospital for a couple weeks after a fall, and couldn't visit.

I have another old friend with Stage 4 lung cancer who caught Covid and that I've been texting with, and--somehow--she got over it. But she was another whose funeral I would want to go back to in Omaha--but not while this Covid thing is still going around.

Anyway...very topical and meaningful lyrics, Cindy. And a great job interpreting them, Bill--you put your heart into this one!

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Topical, very good write. We have old ones we are unable to get to if things go wrong. Delivered with the right emotion. Nice one

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This is so very soulful...lyrically and vocally and dealing with a topic that should outweigh all the politicking going on...with so many thousands dead and so many millions infected...well done Cindy...well done Bill!

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I had commented on the power of these wonderful lyrics before.... Bill’s music does an amazing job drawing out the emotion and the sorrow so brilliantly.

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Incredibly sad ... Bill's lived-in voice is perfect for this. The repeat of "complete isolation" is very effective. Love the little guitar fills!