life is what you make it

life is what you make it

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Liner Notes: 

another track from the quarantine sessions,

my corona: world enough and lime.

from 100/180.

always relevant.


(c) 1994 time and ink


you say there's trouble in your life | you say that woman
bring you nothin but strife. | you think you found out
what's going on | well the minute you think that
you know that you are wrong | 'cause i feel good
you can too | dance to the music | it's good for you.


'cause life is what you make it | no there ain't no doubt
just get on up and shake it | 's'what i'm talkin about bout bout
yes life is what you make it | it's funny that way
so go ahead and take it | 'fore it slips away.


they ain't no questions | in yo mind
drugs got you so crazy | you know you're nearly blind
now you think you know | how it's s'pposed to be
i guess when something owns you | that's all you need
to feel good now | n you could too
stop listenin to what you're sayin | instead listen to you.


------------------> SOLO


y'say yo feelins | got you tounge-tied
but i been listenin to you | lord and all your lies
you think you fooled me | well think again
i gotta withdraw my help | in order to be yo friend
you know how to feel good | how to feel blue
keep dancing to the music | n get lost in the groove




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those are some driving rhythms and i love the way the melody pops one way then another..i can hear one of those horn bands like chicago or blood sweat and tears kicking this one. or maybe a good ska band. this version is pretty good as it is. im really digging it.

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Love the bass line in the intro. The heavy, pounding groove with syncopation is super cool and had me dancing. Dig the slide guitar, kind of in the background. Really good vocals in the chorus.