I Killed the Butterfly

I Killed the Butterfly

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Liner Notes: 

ive been working on this operetta / ballet based on the films the conformist and last tango in paris off and on for the last 30 years. here is a but of it, reworked for 50 90.


When I was only 13
a chauffer offered me a ride
And we drove to a field to play
it was a remarkable day
he chased me and I chased him
We ran and we fell and we ran again
Till we came to his house and he chased me in

He showed me a revolver and a kimono from japan
Threw me on the bed holding both my hands
his long womans hair fell into my lap
he started licking my stomach
as he pulled down my pants
Told me his name was madame butterfly
then he trembled as he sucked me dry
gave me the revolver and said kill the butterfly
so I killed the butterfly

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That's pretty deep. Be interested to hear it in context of the whole operetta. For now ill let it take me where I think. Very haunting delivery as well.

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Damn! was coming by to listen to some of your stuff, never disappointing, still not....... but wasn't expecting this!
I'd be interested to hear all this in fuller context as well!
Really great heart-wrenching stuff. Didn't read lyrics first, was quite a shock.

I like that there's no mood change in the two very distinct parts.......just very matter-of-fact
nicely done as always! that guitar does butterfly along

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Wow, that's quite a lyric. I've seen The Conformist, though I can't say I remember much. I haven't seen Last Tango. Anyway, taking the lyric on it's own, the images are quite specific and striking. Like dzd, I didn't read the lyrics on my first listen. I just let the lovely music flow over me. It was something of a shock to turn the lens and have all that come into focus

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Haven't seen either movie, but those lyrics are extremely powerful. The thoughtful tone of the music is perfect for the story. I like the way you sing "kill the butterfly."

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Well...THAT was disturbing. Good luck getting this operetta on the silver screen! Wink

Now--having said that, this is a REALLY evocative song. Nicely sung, and those lyrics ARE powerful--whether Mom would like them or not.

Not familiar with THE CONFORMIST, but I've always enjoyed the movies you've recommended and I will put this on my list. Apparently only available on VUDU and APPLE TV.

Nice work, Bill!

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Yikes, I did not see the ending coming, you had me listening to the tragic story that you sing and play so well. What I found especially dramatic was the last line, killing the perp with the same emotion as killing an insect.