Being Better Is Better

Being Better Is Better

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Liner Notes: 

The second of a pair of instrumentals. Today I've mostly been experimenting with the Max For LIve "Doctor Chaos" plugin as a way of coming up with unusual (randomly generated) bass lines (it's triggering Cakewalk's "SI Bass" virtual bass guitar VST.) The Hammond is also being triggered using Ableton's built-in MIDI chord selector and arpeggiator, so all I did in both cases was tell the software what root notes I wanted in each bar.

Once I'd got the drums, keyboards and bass laid down, I could record a couple of real guitar tracks to finish things off. In both cases I was playing my Ibanez RG770 into an effects chain consisting of a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive, Keeley Dark Side (for the uni-vibe), Zoom G3 (for a classic stack sound), and Mooer Ocean Machine for the reverb. Then in Ableton I added two different amp sims using the Waves "GTR" plugin and panned the guitars left and right to give them space to breathe.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I enjoyed listening to this. I like the different rhythms weaving interlocking patterns. Lots of great tones. I would not have guessed that any of this was randomly generated. It sounds smooth, but also organic and human.

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I'm always amazed at your musical arsenal. Great guitar over the bass and keyboard. Nice break at the 2 minute mark. Very enjoyable.