Afrikaner Heroine(Remember Rachel)

Afrikaner Heroine(Remember Rachel)

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Liner Notes: 

I chose the theme of a sombre lullaby in our language: about babies being thrown into the ditch because they were said to be children as the result of being raped by soldiers during the Boerewar. is the link if you are interested in listening to it


Afrikaner Heroine
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In Afrikaner culture
Back in 1843
Rachel de Beer saved her brother

They were lost in the cold
She knew they'd both freeze
So she took on the roll of a mother

Love is stronger than life or death
She saved a life but lost her own
Her story is told, this little girl heroine
With schools and streets she is still known

Remember Rachel on a cold winter's night
Though it is sad, she did what was right

She found an anthill
Hollowed out by an aardvark
Told her brother to lie in it

She took off her clothes
In the cold and the dark
To save him she had to commit

Repeat chorus

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Love the somberness of the music-just as it should be. Your vocals are outstanding. We make some great songs, huh? (Thanks to you!)

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Absolutely beautiful. I was reminded of a song (Bravebird) that addressed the issue of female circumcision in parts of Africa. This song also reminds me of We Work the Black Seam by Sting. Today is a sober reminder of the tragedies that go mostly ignored by the masses. This is a wonderful collaboration, ladies. The writing/music combination is soul-reaching.

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Is there a movie for this one?

Another gorgeous collaboration, ladies. What's the process here? Cindy, does Marthie give you a story and you research it? These South Africa themed songs you guys are doing are just fascinating.

Great, great story/lyrics, Cindy--and one of my favorite melodies/vocals from Marthie! Love it!

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Beautiful song from a terrible story. The tone is perfect for the lyric.

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Very beautiful, sad, poignant song, very moving and special. I feel like crying...The lyrics and music are very spiritually connected. You both created a very memorable song. It should be in movies!

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The vocals on the incredible song are so beautifully nuanced with the dynamics in the delivery. Absolutely gorgeous writing and music to tell such a tragic sad tale. Tugs at the heart big time