Summer Rally

Summer Rally

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are you going to the summer rally
sea shanty, ocean shally
they always said 3's company
shall we

you know in baja on the sea of cortez
it doesn't matter what no one else ever says
because you can drive your car across the sand dunes
sleep under the stars through the days of june

she picked a flower and it gave her star power

she wandered the streets of hollywood
and she knew that she were beyond good
nothing could disturb, nothing could perturb
as long as she stayed inside her gilded cell
and told everyone on the outside
through tik tok videos
that all is well

be that as it may we should have a summer rally
sit out on the sidewalk and demand a better salary
tell everyone who gathers around
that their faith will carry them without a sound

if nothing else in this world is found
i hope that one day you will find
that your faith is without limits

and through the spirit you will shine
summer rally is yours
summer rally is mine

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