In Action

In Action

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in action at just a fraction of the cost
do we count successes against the potential lost
look around the world
so much potential bottled up
waiting to be released
perchance somewhat as flags unfurled
upon the holiday
they're ok the last days of may
be that as it may
should we stay at our stations
despite the aggravations
or abandon our positions
seeking out a new mission
what is it about life
that keeps everything going
winter is a slowing
spring is a quickening
summer and autumn might be thought of
as a kind of thickening
your mileage may vary of course
whether on foot, with a car, or a horse
in action do we gain our freedom
there in last section of the monument
to the lost sheikdom

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Wow, this sounds like music of the future! Don't know whether I like it, but it's immensely creative and original.