Virtual Spring Break

Virtual Spring Break

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is it true that spring breakers are forever
or are they merely a placeholder for something clever
in the bright lights of the club dance
do we find ourselves with fancy pants

did you ever take a virtual spring break
to the point where it felt like only yesterday
do you find yourself wading through the years
and do we finally conquer our worst fears

can we live a million exciting moments in an instant
or is that something which is distant
is it something a person should ever even want
or did society find the unlucky to shunt

honestly i wouldn't mind saying
that spring break is forever
just an endless life of playing
but maybe missing work would make one soft
and then they would be too fat for their sleeping loft
and dreams might then pass the other way
because of the idleness people have gone insane
it's tempting to want for the good times to wax
and never ever for one moment even wane

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