Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste

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sometimes a person might want to change things a bit
without losing everything in a smaller gambit
they tease the lines of snow from the skies
like gamma laden planets from times ripe with pies

ooh i should have quit you
baby when i first set eyes on you
baby doll you have it all
looks like i might be headed for a fall

cut and paste your life together
that is the silicon way
perchance with carbon it were ever the same
but now the granularity is exposed and yesteryear seems tame

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man this is inspiring! cyberrock at its finest right here! could listen to this groove for a good long while. the upped up vocal works really nice in last bit. and oh those "drums" magnificent!

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Rocking as usual. I love the falling-to-bits togetherness. Keep turning out the hits!