Earth Preacher, Star Reacher

Earth Preacher, Star Reacher

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in the high expanse of time
sometimes salvation is not a rhyme
though threads of history might intertwine
examine the recesses of mind

in the earth is there a vortex
connected to the pineal cortex
do madmen know of not what they speak
do smokers of cannabis wreak

havoc upon their own sensibilities
a preacher from the desert might have proclivities
to pronounce the word of the lord from a street corner
while they build a rocket ship for every would be jack horner

were you there under the sea
when the mermaid swam across the floor and decreed
that every act of mercy shall go directly heeded
to the emancipation of those who most need it

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Wow! Really cool, weird and groovy song. Some of the instruments sounded “off” but not. The drums keep the rhythm going, and grooving. Loved the vocal sound you got.