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walking through a world
told it is your own
crafting narratives
as a salve for our atonement

modern miracles
they tell us from a podium

they expound upon these from on high
so many of us on the outside
seem to be barely getting by

once there was a schism in a milieu without proper fission
ridden with some combination of doubt, misplaced fanaticism
deadly faith and scientism as a religion

was the science ever settled
or is the truth more nettlesome
than a person might imagine
are they playing at making love in their mind
with a woman so fine
and on the other hand
towing to the company line

do true believers bring down the whip
to reserve a seat on a sinking ship
covered with a band-aid labelled progress
do they do away with the dissidents
those who could not or would not believe
with absolute certainty
everything they had seen on their tv

might they continually alter their scripture
as they would see fit
and are the words of the press but holy writ
and everyone one on the edges of their state-sanctified circle
just aren't getting it

will they take their vaccine
never knowing that they might have been mean
being fed into a machine
disturbing truths they were unwilling to glean
were doled out by high priests who could not see
while police were eating cheese
what kind of crazy county might this have been?

if someone disagrees
with what they say on tv
are they yet a human being
or do we fail to see
the humanity of the other side of the street
because we're cooking beets and never needed
to heed the hand that does not feed
albeit distinct from copper canteens
do you believe in the vaccine
or would you rather live free
is it once again true
that freedom is but slavery

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This is serious comment, and I regret like all serious comment, no one seems to listen or respond anymore.

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Tim, thanks for commenting. This is a odd 5090, during a strange period in history. It's probably tough for us all; just to function, let alone listen and comment on ambitious demos. In my estimation, there are some sonic gems buried in this 10+ minute 'musical palimpsest', but the listener will have to work through to arrive at these moments. I'd like to perform this again on guitar, and overhaul these lyrics.. but that goes for a lot of these demos...