Ray of Sun

Ray of Sun

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hey there lassie, keep fighting the fight
i don't alway agree with you
but it's your right
your cats i don't agree with
but your eyes are so fine
turtlenecks so skin tight
light up my life

hey there dolphin miss
could you express me a kiss
overnight dhl show me some bliss
gather around all your fair feathered, furry friends
smoke it all down and start it again

hey there young lady
bright and shady
you got that extra gear in your bonnet
spent a lot of time just
watching you dance

catch a ride on the latest comet
this is the part where i say goodbye
with you the ups and downs are such
that it's quite a ride

you never did know me
but i never knew myself
with all that has happened it's prob'ly just as well

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