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we see how it is
at least on the surface
when a person gets invited
into the agency

we see how the good times flow
on the tv show
when a person joins the agency

we see others without an apparent care in the world
and even in real life they might get with a pretty girl

so many of us wonder, what would it be like
to have everything taken care of
and live inside
the agency of course it's not a complete lie

alas, the agency has only so many openings
only so many people it can take care of
only so many souls given the good life

you have to have that special spark
that yearning for the zeitgeist
operation mockingbird
might have been just so many words

but when you re-create reality
the agency is there to paper over the banality

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That organ in this is great! and what another amazing lyric, those last lines are banality here!