When You're a Fool

When You're a Fool

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Liner Notes: 

Justin Townes Earle died last week; presumably of unnatural causes. I'm sad about it. RIP JTE. I wrote it with him and the characters in his songs in mind.

Son of Steve Earle, he was named after his daddy's drinking buddy, Townes Van Zandt, another legend who also died of complications from drugs and alcohol.


I never cared for my name
but it works just the same
maybe he's the one to blame
for all this trouble
Lord knows we got trouble

when you're a fool
everybody knows it
but you

every time I wake up
it's a new day
same old me
another hotel room
toilet and a coffee machine
ooh, they'll find me here

with a spike in my vein
or was it rum and cocaine
I'm hearing voices like I never knew
is that you?

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ive never heard of him or his music, but i get the feeling that i would recognize his music now, after havng heard your tribute.

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Aw man, this is so damn good. What can I say--also deeply saddened by the loss. A fitting tribute. Excellent lyrics, love love love your vocals, and all the instrumentation is tops (there's that banjo again!).

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Spellbindly good. Man, that chorus is just dripping with melancholy and regret. And I adore the chromatic step up and down on the last line of the verse - it's just inspired.
Just a terrific song.

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Those harmonies. Man, oh man. This is absolutely gorgeous, brother. And look - what hit me the hardest is the chorus. I've been that kind of fool. And it's a painfully sobering moment when the reality of it sets in. I was sorry to hear about JTE's death. Truthfully when I read a headline about it - I couldn't help but think the worst. This is a awesome ode to him. Great work, man.

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Lovely playing and singing. Those harmonies when the banjo comes in are really nice. I really like the chords you use. This is a beautiful tribute.

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Yup this is really good. Tribute lyric, music delivery all spot on.

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I've only caught a little bit of his stuff, and did enjoy it, but nonetheless always a sad deal, didn't even hear about it until I saw this earlier.

This is a perfectly fitting tribute! very well done!

Really great vocal and everything else on this! listened earlier but was on my phone, had to come back for another listen.

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Not familiar with JTEs music, but this a great tune, really like your singing and how nice and effortlessly the music flows, lots of nice details and cool licks in the electric guitar. Sounds like it was played live by a band in a room.

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This is a good one, for sure. The music kind of makes the hair on my neck stand up, like when I listen to Wagon Wheel by OCMS. As good as the music and performance are, it's that lyric that takes it over the top and quietly hits us in the gut.

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unlike most country now - which is basically teen pop with acoustic guitars or praise songs masked as country - this one has a deep rooted bitterness. I like its taste in my ears.