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Liner Notes: 

I thought I had remembered that Dylan Thomas had died by drinking 18 shots of scotch, and found it one place. Then, I found he died
of pneumonia. So, I sort of melded them together. His ghost has been seen many times at the tavern he frequented.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

Though he wanted a record
He never made it to the end
Dylan had no words left
For either foe or friend

He was known for his drinking
And the White Horse Tavern
It was just as deadly
As a bloody sharp dagger

Rage, rage against the dying of the light
Perhaps he meant it until that last night
For some unknown reason he gave up the fight

They say his ghost lingers at his table
Was his death factual or fable?

Some say it was the liquor
Some say it was pneumonia
But he never regained consciousness
And died while in a coma

Repeat chorus

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Great lyric that draws me in and makes me wonder what the truth is. I suspect both - you drink too much, you loose your gag reflex, you aspirate, you get aspiration pneumonia, and in this case, you die. Now I am curious!