Dancin' Sleazy

Dancin' Sleazy

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Liner Notes: 

I found a Throbbing Gristle emulator VST - http://www.tinygod.com/productthrobber.html - and it's great, pretty subtle and clever take on the hardware gristleizer ... I wrote this song pretty much all in one take,with the effect on each track except the lead vocals, I really must stop writing stuff that I can't find a melody for though.

I love TG, and my favourite was always Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. So this song dropped into my mind. I know who and what I am talking about but haven't got the time or inclination to go into it in massive detail. Hopefully the 'Robots Getting Funky' vibe will carry you through!


Our friend Peter is a hell of a guy
But he's got some weird desires
buying drinks for good looking twinks
Then asking them to set his bits on fire
Not aggressive, just transgressive
He would never even hurt a fly
But when super-high, cruise the wrong guy
Before the night's out, someone going to die

Our friend Peter is a lovely guy
But he has got some peculiar tastes
So for his own good Our aim tonight
is to keep his lust in its place
We are his entourage we owe it to him
To stop him doing something he regrets
Put on your sparkliest dancing shoes,
Cos we're off to a specialist private address

Dancing with Sleazy
keep an eye on his roving eye
Dancing real sleazy
Keep him distracted, occupied

Our friend Peter is a really smart guy
But he's got a skewed logic
That starts with sado-, ends with -masochism
The in-between is homoerotic
Peter hates the nanny-state
So he mustn't know what we're up to
Wonder how he got the nickname sleazy?
you'll soon see, when he rubs up to you

Dancing with Sleazy
keep an eye on his roving eye
Dancing real sleazy
Keep him distracted, occupied

I have made a terrible mistake,
Forgot about the others with similar tastes
We are in danger but Pete is safe 'cos
Everyone is sleazy n this place ...

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This is a super cool song, love the sounds, really interesting production and the lyrics are great and delivery is really punchy.