September Blues

September Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Since it's September thought I'd use it for inspiration.


September Blues
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I knew it was a summer romance
But it flew by too fast
I knew we had three months
And there was no way we could last

I knew you'd be going away
College had all your attention
I feel like a lone raft afloat
And in case I didn't mention

I am blue
Blue for you
I'm overtaken by these September blues
We never fought
But I am distraught
Because I keep longing for you
And I have these September....blues

I knew all about your dreams
A future without me
I thought my love would alter
Your plans for a college degree

I knew the day would come
But I didn't know how hard
Being all on my own would be
You were my life guard

Repeat chorus

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Poignant, very complete and something that must have happened and continues to happen to so many people. The hint towards 'Summertime Blues' is nice and subtle and separating life and guard makes a great final line.