Bride in Powder Blue

Bride in Powder Blue

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Liner Notes: 

This song comes with a story or two. It is about my Grandmother who died 45 years ago. I read an old newspaper clipping about her wedding I found in some archives - and the heading was 'bride in powder blue'. She was married in the Depression and at that time there was little money for white wedding dresses apparently.

Anyway in my minds eye I have had the impression that as she married my grandfather - who was a lovely Greek man - it would be culturally challenging as she was Irish Catholic in a fairly culturally segregated Australian rural community. She was big lady, physically, a bit like an opera singer and she sang at weddings and church events and played the piano. Her husband was good with words wrote lots of stories and was very humourous. Though I didn't know either of them I suspect my interest in lyrics and song has come from them both. While their life was divided in many ways its nice to think their talents came together in future generations.

Anyway I took the newspaper clipping to travel back in time and write this song about her life and wedding day.

Then...I relayed the story to my mother (my grandmothers only daughter) and played her the song, and then a day or two later an elderly relative - her second cousin who lives about 500 miles away - rang her because she said she found a photograph of my grandmother and grandfather on their wedding day. A book had fallen off her bookshelf and the photo fell on the floor and it was my grandmother in powder blue on her wedding day with my grandfather by her side.


Bride in Powder Blue:

It wasn't something that you always dreamed,
Perfect pictures, not what they always seemed,
It was just something, you just had to do.

Your hair fell gently down, on your dress
Blue blue eyes and that rosy face
Looking down from, that bride in power blue.
Powder blue, Powder blue, Powder blue - I'm coming home to you

It was recorded on this day,
The bond was formed with two brand new names,
A falsehood that never really did ring true.

The gold was sitting there right your hands,
The loves was quiet just like the man,
You were confused not the bride you wanted now in
Powder blue, Powder blue, Powder bride in powder blue

No matter what was said and done
You kicked this off with your big Celtic love.
And all those questions no longer rest with you
Powder blue, Powder blue, Powder blue…..I’m coming home to you.

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Very beautiful, powerful, poignant song. Your lyrics, vocals and playing are gorgeous. Very moving story behind your song.

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Great story and a really nice song. I like the understated treatment, the guitar is really sweet.

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very strange and lovely song, evoking a moment that might otherwise be lost to time. without saying too much, you extract some of the mystery of the wedding ritual with a persoal touch that is truly ghostly

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What a great story and interesting grandmother. I also didn’t meet my grandparents - met my father in my 40s, but learned my grandfather and sons, etc were musicians and my grandmother was a poet. Interesting how this plays out in our lives. Anyway, really cool vocal delivery - reminds me of the Beatles! Well done! So poignant!