Hopscotch Betty

Hopscotch Betty

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Hopscotch Betty

Liner Notes: 

A quick playground chant that I can use with my kids. I can only do one verse at a time. I'm a really weak snapper.


Hopscotch Betty
Hopscotch Sue
Double dutch hopscotch with you
Jump on board
Down the row
1, 2, 3, 4
Here we go

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Cute and fun! I was trying to snap along but I need to practice!!!

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You can do one verse - me not...
Really cute

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That totally works as a playground rhyme. I'm mostly amazed at your ability to keep that rhythm going and sing at the same time!

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Children's songs are always fun, and this one does well. Smile

One issue I have with them is that the length can be tricky. They all seem so short when recorded, but then they can feel really long when you're trying to remember the lyrics in context.

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love the snappy clapping. the song has a real genuine playground vibe about it