So hard to do the right thing sometimes

So hard to do the right thing sometimes

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Liner Notes: 

A blues instrumental based on feeling sad. It's a one take improvisation piano recorded on top of a GarageBand drum track. I then added a keyboard bass and some 'live' keyboard drums.'

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this has so much great atmosphere! love those piano trills/triplets - and you really set up the blues feeling nicely! wish i played piano! (more then the few basic chords i know)

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There is a smooth feel to this but it also feels kind of dirty an gritty, like something you'd here in a smokey jazz club. The melody is great, there is a somewhat sexiness to the way you are playing that I like a lot. Very nice job,

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I don't listen to jazzy piano (or any jazz, or piano really) that much so I enjoyed expanding my horizons for a few minutes. I felt like it was taking me on a ride through an old city or something. I could see many parts of it as being background music for a film too.

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You tap into some deep roots here, mate! I saw Ray Bryant live once and this makes me think of that performance. Superb!

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I dig your playing - it's playful and soulful, and has a greasy rhythm. I'd love to hear you with a real band.