Swiss Cake Roll In the Disk Drive

Swiss Cake Roll In the Disk Drive

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Liner Notes: 

This is weird. And it's supposed to be. Back in the days of we they would give away 8 packs which was a collection of 8 loops randomly selected from their sample packs. So we would have "8 pack battles" for fun. Two artists would take that weeks 8 pack, and then each make a track out of it. ( we had some rules such as you could ONLY use the samples from that 8 pack, but were allowed to process and warp them however. Sampling with midi was a grey area lol)

Anyway, there's a private AP group on facebook I'm still part of and we have been running a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong 8pb tourney since covid hit to help keep everyone's sanity. So this is my track for the 8 pack for this round.

Some of the processing I used this time were a lot of chopping and rearranging samples, Izotope's stutter edit, gating, pitch shifting, and a vocoder using an external signal of a patch from massive ( which is a grey area and might be cheating? I dunno)

If anyone is curious what the original loops where they can be found here for free:

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I wish I understood more of what you said. Hahahaha!
This sounds cool though. Is that helpful? Smile

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there is a lot going on here and it all fits together so seamlessly. i really enjoyed the listen.

Every villain is indeed lemons.
Couldn't access the samples to take a listen at how you manipulated them, but the end result is an effective electronic sonic success.
Good rhythm and lots of sounds that come through nicely in the headphones keeps this track going. Lots of energy and a great mix.
Arranging and manipulating loops takes a lot of skill and a great ear to result in something that sounds good and interesting. You've accomplished that.

Huge fun. Very Yello-esque, particularly with that repeated vocal "hmmm" sample that sounds a lot like Boris Blank.

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Very cool, nice sample manipulation, I'm starting to dig deeper into this type of sound process. (although, I probably had ACID when ACID Planet existed, I didn't have internet then) some sections of this sound similar to to somethings Troyboi does (I'm sure others do as wkell, but I 'm pretty unknowledgable in those genres). Very enjoyable, I downloaded the loops, don't know if I'll have time to get to them, but I'll do my best.