Landscape in Your Eyes

Landscape in Your Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

I was looking at a painting I liked and this title popped into my head. Needs music and vocals.


Landscape in Your Eyes
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You have dreamer eyes
Deep and mystical
Your laughing eyes so whimsical

You have soulful eyes
Misty soft and blue
Your eyes are just the kind to fall into

I can see mountains
I can see windswept seas
I can see honest love
When you look at me
I can see sweet passion
I can see surprise
I can see large vistas
And a landscape in your eyes
I can see a landscape in your eyes

Full of suspense
But so gentle too

You have bedroom eyes
That can bring me to my knees
Your eyes know just how to please

You have amazing eyes
Changing like a kaleidoscope
Shining like stars through a telescope

Repeat chorus

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