Mammals vs Mannequins

Mammals vs Mannequins

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Mammals vs Mannequins (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

Boy am I relieved to have finished this song!! This was actually an idea I had a few years ago: it's basically a female empowerment song, but a viewpoint I haven't heard much, a less attractive woman reaching out to a beautiful woman that I don't hate her, she's not my enemy, I'm not even jealous of her because I know that beauty brings its own problems. I was kind of proud of the mammals vs mannequins summation of how we see beautiful and average or ugly women. And it is in fact based on a real woman I know who *does* resemble a girl who bullied me in school, but is actually an awesome person.

I had an issue with the first draft I wrote a couple years ago, because I actually finished the entire song when I wasn't in a very inspired mood, and it just came out all wrong. Both the lyrics and the music had a very quirky silly feel to them, and I just didn't want it because it was a really heartfelt song for me and I didn't want it to sound flippant. So I literally threw the whole song out (well, I still have it saved somewhere, but I haven't looked at it since) and decided I would rewrite it someday. This month, while listening to a lot of cool acoustic punk music, I decided to go for it, but wanted to make sure I didn't force it, so I wrote it in a few sittings when I was inspired. I wrote the chorus first, and then the ending and then the two verses, though those are probably my least favorite part as I did have to force them a little. Still I think I'm pretty satisfied with it, and at least it's about 50x better than that first draft. Maybe I'll release them side by side one day so people can see, haha.


When I look into your eyes
You look so much like the girl who bullied me in school
Perfect shiny light hair, straight white teeth and smooth glowing skin
My instincts scream out not to trust you
But your kind expressions are nothing like hers
And just like that the lines are blurred

I thought this was a war between the mammals and the mannequins
Between the fives and tens
But you and I my friend
Were never on opposing sides

When I look into your eyes
I can see your discomfort follow everywhere you go
Unsure about motives, worried for your safety, precarious respect
Your true self is living in a shadow
And would you rather be ignored than superficially respected
Sooner or later, we're both frustrated

And maybe you are better than me
Because did you know that kind and pretty people are a self-fulfilling prophesy?
But it really doesn't matter, I can take
The blemishes on my body and on my soul
Because they are mine... and mine alone

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This is a really cool insight into the dynamics between women and "mammals and mannikins" does a great job of nutshelling the idea. And you perform it really well too. Nice job.

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I really enjoyed listening to this song and your performance. You used the word 'heartfelt' in the liner notes and it really feels like it is. It's such a creative take on the relationship between two very different people. The protagonist is sending out empathy, sympathy and insight instead of envy. You depict very clearly the difficulties faced by so many people. I really like the line 'You look so much like the girl who bullied me in school' it tells a huge story in just a few words, also 'the lines are blurred' is a very insightful observation. And then the affirming last verse - a good conclusion to a fine piece of writing.

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this reminds me of the dar williams song, as cool as i am, but you have a much different take on the subject. you make a powerful statement about the superficial differences that can make enemies out of thse who could well be our best friends.,,and how you overcame these false perceptions.

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Well done and glad you got this one where you wanted it to go. The mammals/mannequins five/tens comparisons say alot in one concise phrase.