Forever Young

Forever Young

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Forever Young (50/90 Challenge, one take)

Liner Notes: 

Another one that I had an idea for, thought for many days in a row "nah, I'm not in the mood to write that one, it's not inspiring me" and then one day thought "let me just try" and I wrote the whole thing in one sitting with almost none of the original idea. The chorus was the same and that's it. It's not one of my favorite songs I've written, but it's not terrible either!


When I was 5 I used to think I
Would be settled in some pastel yellow house by now
On a pretty little row of pastel colored houses
With a hardworking husband who looks like a prince
And a couple of funny, precocious little kids
Suppose I'd be a pantsuit professional
Maybe a working writer, or a teacher
At any rate, a stable job, not still just a dreamer

But I think I'd rather be forever young
Than prematurely dead inside
To wake up every day and work on a dream
Is a blessing I'd never take lightly
It's not a failing

These days...
I wake up every morning, just after 11
Spend most of my days reading and writing in bed
Still living with my mom, just like when I was 7
But now there's meaning and method, I've got a direction
And the biggest surprise is I never dreamed this life could make me so happy

And stoically settling for plan B
When you never even took plan A all the way
Just because time marched on and you got afraid
That isn't success

I used to hate songs like this too when I was afraid
So if you hate this song, it's not too late
I used to hate songs like this too when I was afraid
So if you hate what I'm saying, it's not too late

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Very positive take on life -- I like the idea of staying forever young (even if life has jaded me from it to some extent...*sigh*).

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I like the first person narrative point of view in this song as being more real and honest (to me) compared to the legacy artist songs that project wishes for another's life with this title. Very reflective verse of childhood life and five year old dreams compared to now. Thoughtful rhyming and also I am pretty sure this is the first time I have heard the phrase 'stoically settling'. Which as a most of the time stoic I sometimes do Smile .