On a Sunday Afternoon

On a Sunday Afternoon

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish, prompt is "Conversation" - joined late because we took a trip to visit my Aunt today, and interestingly our little day trip ended up being perfect as a jumping off point for my lyric.


A perfect late-summer morning
Got the car gassed up and ready to go
Headin' down to Oklahoma
Got the top down crankin' the stereo

Through towns we haven't seen in awhile
They aren't doin' as well as they used to do
But once we get down to Aunt Linda's
We're just happy to see the whole crew

On a Sunday Afternoon
On a Sunday Afternoon
Reminiscing with family and friends
On a Sunday Afternoon

Old memories really flowing
Smiles and laughter fill the air
Conversation moves like magic
Wish these times weren't so rare

So we'll just cherish these moments
And carry them with us when we leave
And know they'll soon be a next time
With new conversations to conceive

On a Sunday Afternoon
On a Sunday Afternoon
Reminiscing with family and friends
On a Sunday Afternoon

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Aww how delightful! Made me smile and days like this came to mind. Wonderful!

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Like the energy with this. Great imagery and story telling. Like the uplifting feel to the song and especially the chorus. Message is one to cherish. Nice skirmish.

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very delightful Sunday drive tune Smile

hope you waved hello while passing thru Biggrin It was great top down weather today barely broke into the 90s here!

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So, if anyone tells me it's impossible to create and record a great song in one hour I know what to show! Your song is totally epic. I love your lyrics and music, singing and playing. The structure is perfect, the song is catchy and although it takes us to a specific place and a situation, it makes us connect and go into our own memories of togetherness. I listened using my mobile phone but I'll listen again at my computer. Love your song with all my heart. Thank you for making my day beautiful. It's actually Monday bank holiday so almost like Sunday Smile

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This really rock. That syncopated rhythm on the guitar and bass drives the song. The chorus is very catchy, and I was singing along. Great skirmishing.

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This has a really lovely nostalgic road-trip feel to it. Amazing work for such a short space of time!