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Liner Notes: 

I imagine this lyric by @cindyrella to be a slow unravelling piece just like the subject matter. A relationship slowly unravelling
The acoustic guitar/percussion interplay is something I'm really proud of Smile


© 2020 Cindy Prince
Music: coreystewart

Been hurt before
My trust was gone
Didn't know what love was for
Who could I depend on

Been heartbroken
A time or two or three
So my loves remains unspoken
And that's my reality

Then you walked into my life

You were my undoing
You were my mainstay
This love we're brewing
Is taking me away
You were my undoing
My undoing

Been taken down
Too often to know
With my heart like a ghost town
Love was only a no-show

Then you walked into my life


How things have changed since you
Now all my dreams are coming true


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You should be proud of that guitar! This is fabulous in every way. Excellent vocals too! Thanks

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Interesting - I didn't read this as a breakup song when I saw lyrics only. Hearing it in that context, and with your powerful performance, really packs an emotional wallop. And all with just a few folk instruments and a super soulful vocal - awesome!

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sounds fantastic - love the bass and as you say the guitar and percussion. great delivery, has such a cool easy groove and i love the positive/negative dance of the lyric. feels lovely happy vibe to me