Last Conversation

Last Conversation

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Liner Notes: 

I decided to write about a picture I saw of someone looking in the window at their loved one dying, and not being able to be with them because of this virus.


Last Conversation
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I didn't know it would be the last one
I didn't realize I'd never again hear your voice
Soon after this virus attacked you
I know that this would have never been my choice

I didn't know how fast it would take you
I didn't realize you'd die all alone
I couldn't imagine how quick it all was
Things would be different if only I'd known

Running through my mind over and over
I keep recalling our last conversation
I'm not even sure if I told you I loved you
Now you are dying in complete isolation
Taking your last breath in complete isolation

The pain is raw
I never saw this coming

I didn't know that I'd never again touch you
I didn't realize it your life would be over
My heart is broken into tiny pieces
Don't see how I'll ever recover

Repeat chorus

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Very empathetic lyrics. 'I didn't know it would be the last one' is a really powerful line and 'I'm not even sure if I told you I loved you' is very, very good writing.

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A wonderful set of words. There have been many touching stories and photos etc. over the past few months, and this sums up a few so nicely. A beautiful write

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I think this is a fear many of us share at the moment. Nicely captured into words.

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nice, and actually quite timeless as well. That angst and fear you've capture here with some great lines, while albeit a little more prevalently mainstream now........well it's as old as time.

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Oh gosh, this really tugs at my heart. It is so tender and so beautiful. And now with so many deaths due to COVID and the riots I suspect there are many more last conversations that people do not realize are the last — this reminds me to treasure all of them and to have more of them with the people I love.

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A beautiful yet sad lyric, that unfortunately has been taking place many times during this pandemic. It's a very sad situation and needs to be put down in words, excellent work.

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Beautifully written. Focused in on a genuine emotion that occurs. Imagery is clear and the message simple. Good skirmish.

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i knew i had to sing this before i finishe reading the first verse. surprised it hasnt been snatched up. or has it? ive already recorded it if it hasnt already been taken.