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Liner Notes: 

For the prompt Conversations - this is what fell out... happy listening



You talk to me
I talk to you
But we don’t hear
Nothing new
I talk to me
you talk to you
I guess
It’s just what we do

Slipping inside my conversation
Dealing with verbal stagnation
Hearing voices but only sounds
Nothing left to do but go underground

They say the world is on its way to hell
So let’s all talk to see if we can tell
No one speaks but everyone rages
We all read it in tomorrows news pages

Do we suffer from selective deafness
Whilst watching the feed that leaves us breathless
Open your ears open your heart
Let converse how we can restart

Last Ch
You can talk to me
I’ll talk to you
Let us see if we can get to the truth
Talking is good but only when hear
And everything said
Is nice and clear

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Really fine song. The words are very clear and concise and say so much. It's so true that we talk to others, but wind up really talking to ourselves, and not really listening. The circular music is very effective

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Yeh I nearly went down the route of mundane conversations. You've handled it well. Made it interesting and engaging. Like the jolly melody. Clever lyrics.

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Very good lyric and nicely delivered, that pretty guitar again!

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Really nice song and I sure have felt like this-talking to myself. Great skirmish!

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This is great! those chorus(s) are super catchy and poignant, with some great lines throughout

Great take on the prompt.......message coming through nice and clear! Smile

that guitar does sound pretty!

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The chorus is so catchy. The melody captures the feel of the lyrics, if that makes sense! Loving that the guitars are having their own little conversation underneath the vocals as well!

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Excellent guitar work throughout. I really like the chords and melody. Interesting take on the prompt that makes so much sense.