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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish.....lots of shovel guitar about a very not so pleasant conversation


Had a conversation today
Sounded like this

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I've had conversations like this too! Great music!

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Yeh this is a bit of a mind warp. Very different take on the skirmish. Massive points for originality.

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That sounds like some of my conversations with work colleagues!! A very different take on the prompt. Well done

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Ah yes, takes me right back to some of the conversations I used to have with students when I was a substitute teacher.
Really excellent work here.
I always enjoy your guitar chaos.

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So unexpectedly relatable! Really love the twist on the prompt.

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Ohhh... it sounds like one of those challenging and disrupting conversations that can derail us. I love the ambiguity and anxiety and confusion that is created. It feels all too familiar to some conversations I recall that did not go so well.

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This is very Zappa-esque and enjoyable for me to listen to, despite the dissonance and noise. I'm sure we've all had plenty of conversations like this - part of life.

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Has a sci-fi, dreamscape effect on me. And buzzing insects. I'm giving this one a second listen!

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Wow. Yes, reminds me of a few convos I've had with people over the years.

I really gotta get playing with more delay in my tunes. You've inspired me to play with time on my next track.

See You In The Shadows…

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Nice conversational piece with the sound representing how it is going.