Forest Blue

Forest Blue

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Liner Notes: 

Just a really short piano thing. I don't really play. So yep.

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Very strong development of the theme. Each note is very clear and put in exactly the right place.

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I'm just a sucker for I-VII chord sequences. The left-hand figure moving and repeating throughout makes for good audience hypnotism! (that's a GOOD thing, you know it!) The thematic development is good. This would sit happily with Satie. Re your piano skills--I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said... /:

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Beautiful tune and development. Right now I'm in a sort of cinematic headspace which means I try to imagine a string accompaniment for a scene later in the film Wink

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This is really pretty. It's a lovely progression of chords with a terrific melody woven through on the right hand. I love it's clock-like measuredness, it really adds to the sweetness of the composition.

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Very pretty piece. Did you say that you didn't play? This is a very beautiful playing! Wonderful atmosphere, you took me to a wonderful place!

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I like the modal feel and delicate broken chords. Yay for playing unfamiliar instruments - beginner's mind ftw.