Covid Tango (Conversation Skirmish Prompt)

Covid Tango (Conversation Skirmish Prompt)

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Liner Notes: 

When one doesn't have a car, and live in a housing complex in Brooklyn, one can only go to very few places. Tomorrow, my partner and I are taking a big step and taking car service to Prospect Park, which I haven't been to since March. (It takes nearly 2 hours by bus - and we don't want to be in packed buses for that long a time!) Yes, we will have our face shields and masks and gloves, but once we exit the car - NO WAY JOSE!

Maybe I won't be lazy, and will actually set this to music at some point


Covid Tango

Where do you want to go today?
The grocery store – or that other grocery store?
CVS to buy some sundries?
Those are the same pants that yesterday you wore

Put your gloves on, don’t forget your mask
Hand sanitizer, and face shield
Be sure that you socially distance
We mustn’t go too far afield

Let’s do the Covid Tango
We don’t need to stay 6 feet apart
Do the Covid Tango
Darling, I have given you my heart

What do you want to do today?
Take a walk? Play cards? Read a book?
Binge watch “Better Call Saul”?
Look at the time – maybe we should cook

What do you want to eat tonight?
Potatoes Carrots? Cauliflower?
Pasta? Lentil Soup? Veggie Burgers?
Uh oh-Look how late the hour!

Let’s do the Covid Tango
As we dance our way to bed
Tomorrow we’ll have the same conversation
We’ll do it all again – yeah, that’s what I said

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The covid tango is a very insightful term, it captures exactly how we are behaving. You paint a familiar picture of limitations and anxiety that is really moving. I hope you add some music later.

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Very well observed. Talking more than acting. Nice conversational lines in these lyrics. Very everyday events. Nice skirmish. Very natural.

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A perfect summary of how a lot of us are feeling these days. I do like that term, "Covid Tango"... brilliant

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Very relatable and a glimpse into the world today. Nice personal touches!

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Clever, the covid tango, who could have imagined what our dreams would be! What we look forward to, how we would act. Nicely done.

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Covid tango is brilliant! instantly brings to mind some fun dancing while avoiding everyone, while in homemade hazmat suits haha
Hope you do put this to some music! I get anxious being on a packed bus for 2 hours in the best of times Wink Only same pants as yesterday? I don't want to mention how long of a stretch at times I've been in the same clothes the last few months Biggrin , but I've always been a firm believer in the smell test Smile

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Definitely read this in a tango rhythm! Very relatable right now. This has a lot of life in it - I also hope you do put music to it!

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Very cool and original lyrics. Looking forward to hearing them. Thank you as always for your prompt Corinne.

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Ah the COVID tango! Love that image and thought. Missing those human connections! This flows really well. I hope you put it to music!

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Great title! Such a good label to describe the "dance" we do in these times. You used a bunch of excellent images/activities that are universally relatable. I find myself moving around in stores, etc. to keep my distance and it's almost like a dance. I'm a former New Yorker so a bit jealous of your trip tomorrow, hope you have fun!!

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you've indeed captured that covid tango stuff... its... such a strange time!!!!! when the pandemic first hit, i wrote and recorded a whole album of these musings.
hang in there, and hope you enjoyed prospect park- if we weren't near riverside park i would have gone crazy by now, so i know the feeling!