A little conversation

A little conversation

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Liner Notes: 

Conversation prompt for the skirmish.

Idea of a bar where they insist you talk to each other. Just to upset the status quo.


A Little Conversation

Hey a quiet word in your shell
We don't like the silent types in here
If you've come to drink or think
Then treat us to some wise words, in our ear

Shame we don't talk more than we do
But here we want a few of your words
Settle down with your own drink
Tell us your nicest story, we ain't heard

A little conversation
A little conversation
Helps you open doors
Make connections
Not breaking any law
A little conversation
A little conversation
Talking and smoking
Drinking all day
With the new folk in
A little conversation
Making conversation

Great place we can say is unique
As we don't attract the normal folk
Come in if you are open
Tell us words of wisdom, or a joke

(repeat chorus)

Why is it strange to want to chat
God gave us all a tongue
What's wrong with using that

(repeat chorus)

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Oooh, as an introvert, I would hate that! Nicely written though Smile

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Very good writing, I can hear the voices of people saying your words.

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Really good! I would have trouble being an introvert too, but this is interesting!

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Very clever lyrics. I like the idea of a place where you chat. I think starting an innocent casual conversation is a dying art, such a shame.

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Yes good writing, i think its a dying art! People can only talk with keyboards.

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And you're a Londoner - surely that's against the law here. Wink (Or is that just on the Tube?) Nice concept and I like the structure, especially the chorus!

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Oh what a grand idea! I'd actually love that bar Biggrin could be filled with lots of clever signs too Biggrin tips or quips both accepted...... something clever about opinions and *holes Biggrin ....... All opinions welcome, but we reserve the right to tell you how stupid yours is, etc forever :D..........I'd be a bartender there in a minute hahah.
Great take on the prompt!

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This is a wonderful take on the prompt - sometimes it takes a little to get a conversation started and the bar is a great place for learning about other people.

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Love your take on the prompt, as an introvert I often need a little prompt to get going (even though I'm not happy when people try to force me to converse the way they want me to). But what usually happens is that if I make the attempt at it, it usually results in a nice little conversation. I also like the little twist in your bridge, something to think about.

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Interesting and unexpected take on skirmish prompt. Hope to hear it.

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You've literally just described the world's most terrifying pub. Way to go to put the terror right into me in just a lyric.
Seriously, it's a great inversion of the norm. Be interesting to hear it as a song.