What we want

What we want

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Liner Notes: 

A song about the strange dialogue between governments and the people they govern. People ask for very basic things and are offered complex political, financial and morally dubious things in return. Not really a good conversation.


We said lets talk about how we can be free
You said lets talk about cutting bureaucracy

We said we want clean water and clean air
You said we should pay more for healthcare

We said we don’t want to be told lies
You said first lets prioritise

We’re talking about what we want
What we want for this nation
That’s what we call
A great conversation
What we want

We said you we thought you’d do something good
You said, that’s funny, what made you think we would

It’s about what we want
What we want for this nation
That’s what we call
A great conversation
What we want

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Cicpisces's picture

Love the funky vibe to this. Enjoyed the lyrics. It has some real soul to this. I think you should work on this some more. It's a good skirmish.

corinne54's picture

Funky music indeed. It seems to be the same conversation all over the world. We have to start with the conversation, but can hopefully move beyond that to real action. Nicely done!

Zeekle's picture

Oh this grooves. Poignant topic too. I'm not sure I have ever heard a politician tell the truth, more a stretched version of it.

coolparadiso's picture

Yeah funky and on the money, funnily i heard it very spitty from the lyric, like my generation or do anything you wanna do. Definitely a subtle protest. Nice

cindyrella's picture

Funky and so real at the same time! Excellent take on the prompt!

dzd's picture

Really great lyrical take on the prompt! delivery is even better!

and what an amazing conversation those keys and drums are having!

Marilisa's picture

I love the combo of the political/protest lyrics with the funky vibe! Somehow they gel very well together. Really good work.

kahlo2013's picture

Roddy! This is really great! I love the fantastic groove and the message in the lyric is so timely and important. Your vocal delivery sounds great! Wonderful take on the skirmish!

tjeff's picture

I really like the idea you came up with for this prompt. And it is a never-ending conversation you speak of, and it should be. Excellent groove.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool funky take on a skirmish prompt. I think it's the only political theme I heard from this skirmish. Good job.

Tim Fatchen's picture

Got that dichotomy down neatly. I've almost given up in despair, myself. But what we want is NOT what we're going to get, sadly..>! Clever short song, should be more of theme (clever that is. Not necessarily short!)