Going Home

Going Home

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Liner Notes: 



I’m staring at the dark clouds
And I’m wondering where the sun hides
Cuz when I seem to need it
It is nowhere that I can find

I’m staring at the moonlight
And I’m begging for a clear sign
My eyes are so blurry
These tears, they don’t magnify

Oh down in the forest
Near a simple stream
Is where I’ll lay down my head and die

But bury me in the desert
Under the sage brush
Been a resident of hell for life

And now I’m going home
I’m going home

I’m staring at the blank wall
It’s my oldest and dearest friend
I’m dreaming of the dark void
And I’m praying it lets me in

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Yes, this is pretty dark. There seems to be a sigh of relief vibe as it nears the close of the song with the hook. This feels like a journey both of mind and body. Good playing & delivery.

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great job. I like how it's dark, but also hopeful. ( but you know how A.eye likes the dark stuff)

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Nice Appalachian folk song vibe to the tune and topic. Dark but again, perhaps a note of hope there too.

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You've created a darkly hypnotic groove here. That line about the dark wall being your oldest friend is pretty grim. The music has a different feel when you hit "going home." After all the sorrow expressed, this sound sort of hopeful. I liked the juxtaposed images of forest and desert

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Interesting contrasts - seeking the sun and darkness at once. The stark musical treatment serves it well.