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Liner Notes: 

Based on Psalm 23 “The Lord is My Shepherd”


I have enough. God keeps me fed,
My soul restored; in paths I’m led.
I’ll follow God—no evil fear
For e’en in death, God’s love is near.
Let ev’ry anxious thought subside,
For my Shepherd remains my guide.


Forever I will dwell with You
Your love and kindness follow me.
Forever I will honor You
And share my abundance gratefully.

At times when I feel grief and woe,
I know God walks wherever I go.
God stills my hunger, sates my thirst,
Protects and shelters, puts me first.
So I shall share God’s love with all.
I’ll listen when the Shepherd calls.

Chorus (2x)

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So peaceful! This really nice! I like the staccato quickness of the verses contrasted woth your melodic singing on the chorus. Great song!